July 18, 2024

4 Tips To Buy the Bridal bandhani lehengas from Online Shops

The popularity of bandhani is nothing new in the world of fashion. Trends come and go, but bandhani has successfully maintained its popularity over all these years. The tie and dye art forms are unique, and thus, the products are a stand-out. 

New-age brides are equally attracted to the bandhani lehengas as the former generations. In fact, many celebrities are using the lehengas and dupattas of their mothers to show it as an heirloom. If you have plans to invest in such a lehenga to glorify your wardrobe to look the best on your wedding day, here are the tips for buying the ideal lehenga. 

Tip #1: Fix your budget

The bandhani artwork on lehengas is innovative and looks very elegant. The price range can vary anywhere from 5K to 50K. This is a reason for the immense popularity of the lehengas as a bridal outfit.

  • If you have a low budget for the dress, then you can always opt for the low range lehengas between 5K and 10K or 20K. Reputed sellers like Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas will offer you many options even in the low price range. 
  • If you are ready to sell off a considerable amount for the dress, go for the ones on Georgette material and Gaji silk materials. 

But you should also check the quality of the zari, which always affects the final look of the lehenga. For instance, neem zari work is always expensive and special, as if it is the amalgamation of Resham zari and Tested zari.

Tip #2: Time to manufacture

The bandhani chaniya choli sets are mostly handloom products. The value of the lehengas lies in the artwork of the designers who show the highest form of craftsmanship in making these lehengas. 

The more time it takes to prepare the piece, the more will be the price owing to the time ad labour. It may take even three months or more to create each masterpiece. 

Tip #3: Know the dimensional details

Although you can always buy the semi-stitched or even the unstitched materials, it is important to see whether the waist size and length of the lehenga to ensure that you won’t need alterations of the length of the stitching will permit to cover the waist size. 

  • It’s not a good idea to decrease the length as it will ruin the artwork on the lower border of the lehenga. 
  • The zari work is heavy at the lower end. So you cannot curtail the length, which will completely destroy the look of the lehenga. 

Also, you should check the ghera of the lehenga so that you get the appropriate appearance as you pose for the photos. 

Tip #4: Assess the material

So what’s the material that you need for the lehenga. While buying Lehenga online at Khatri, you can see the material they have used to make each lehenga. Also, you can learn about sits, flow and fall so that you can assess the appropriate material. Silk is always the prime choice of brides who don’t have budget limitations. Georgettes and modal silks are the hot favourites in the market right now. 

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