July 18, 2024

Classic and Unique Designs for Rug lovers

Exquisite Beige & Multicolor Flat Weave Rug


You found your favorite fabrics for your sofa and chairs, fantastic curtains matching the color of walls, and antique artifacts to style up your dream home. But, is it feeling like something is still missing in the design or décor? Is it the soft and comfy touch and the aesthetic pleasure? Yes! It is rugs that pull your spaces together with ease and class. It’s the first and the last comfortable thing you step on before and after bed. However, some rugs are more than just comforters for your feet. Whoever introduced them to the world has done a great job.

Irrespective of patterns, every rug is designed to offer something that stands out to bring and hold the pieces of your home together effortlessly. When you add a well-designed and chic rug to your home interiors, wall-to-wall carpets, tiles, or wood flooring doesn’t matter much. They not only protect your floors and make you feel more relaxed but complete the look of your humble abode. They are available in numerous designs in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.

However, the market is overwhelming, with at least ten alternatives for every product that you might want to buy. With too many choices, it becomes challenging to pick the best, and you may end up purchasing something you don’t even need. So, when buying rugs, you must know what you are looking for and what matches best for your home décor, especially if you are a rug lover. Lemonade can help you with some excellent options.

Below is the list of a few unparallel and exemplary rugs to help you discover the best one.


The perspective of contemporary rugs keeps shifting often, but real contemporary fashion embraces a cozy and softer look. It distinguishes contemporary rugs from modern ones. Trellis, chevron, abstract, and graphic prints are the renowned patterns that these contemporary rugs usually exhibit. Conventional motifs are also one of the patterns these rugs redefine, upgrading the color palette and balancing the pattern scale. Hand-woven rugs are currently in trend with this design.


Classic is never out of trend, more so for rugs. Furthermore, they were among the best trending rug styles last year. This rug style easily blends with any décor and makes a loud and clear statement of its existence. A good vintage rug adds glamour to your home décor and will lure and charm your guests with its antique look.

Traditional Flat Weave Yellow Printed Sky Blue Border Rug



Effortlessly identifiable, popular, and cardinal décor accessories – the definition of traditional rugs, are present in several delightfully designed homes. These rugs are classy and patterned yet are very simple-looking ones. They follow elaborated Persian patterns like vines, flowers, and scrollwork and are ideal for highly crowded rooms like dining spaces and where they settle down subtly and graciously without much ado. Wool or silk will be the fabric of a genuine traditional rug and perfectly express talented craftsmanship. The cotton dhurrie rugs with conventional patterns are famous as well.

Artisanal Handmade Orange Printed Black Border Rug


Offbeat or Bohemian

As the name suggests, Bohemian rugs are stylishly whimsical, vibrant in color, distinct in designs, and conditioned in patterns with flat-woven techniques using natural fiber construction. They were among the toppers in the 2021 trends, and these rugs add a casual and relaxed vibe to your space.

Lemonade is a one-stop destination for all things rugs! Get your hands on these luxurious options – all within your budget. Don’t worry about making extravagant choices! Pull out the best-suited rug among these, and your space will be all set to flourish with glory and beauty.

Happy shopping!

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