April 22, 2024

Everything You Need to Get Ready for a Day of Tennis

When it comes to getting active or staying fit, a lot of people choose to hit the gym, where they work out among plenty of others, often trying to gain muscles. However, some people might prefer to be outside where they improve their overall health instead of just their strength.

If this is the case, then partaking in tennis might be an ideal option. Often seen as a “lifetime sport,” tennis is played by people of all ages and improves hand-eye coordination while also promoting better heart conditions. That is why many older adults start to take it up as a hobby after they retire.

But, before you head to the court, you need to make sure you are prepared for the activity. This will keep you playing longer and more comfortably. Whether it be the suitable clothing from Sol Sister Sport or having proper hydration, you’ll be more focused on having fun and not feel as though you were exercising at all!

The Right Equipment

Tennis is played by hitting a ball with a racket, so you’re going to need to have this equipment with you. To start, carry more than one tennis ball with you, as they are bound to fly off the court and can sometimes be hard to find. Having a few backups saves you time.

Did you know that you cannot just pick up any racket and get the same performance? Rackets have different weights and head sizes that are used to help various levels of players get used to hitting the ball. If you are new to tennis, then it is better to choose a lightweight racket that has an oversized head, as you will be more likely to hit the ball. As you improve your game, you can move onto small and heavier rackets that may also enhance the strength of your arm muscles.

Your palms rebound to get sweaty as you continue to play, causing your racket to slip from your hand. To reduce this from being an annoyance for you, make sure you carry grip tape in your duffel bag. You can also take small towels with you to wipe off your hands and the racket whenever you are ready for a break.

Proper Clothing

Just like any activity, you need to make sure that you are appropriately dressed for the task. With all of the movement that you need to perform in tennis, do you really think jeans or a sweater is a good idea?

To start, you are going to need to have the proper shoes. Tennis shoes need to have proper traction that allows for a lot of side movement and sliding. Make sure that the shoes you opt for also give you good arch support and can be laced tightly. As you do research, you will see that tennis shoes are not the same as running shoes.

You also need to wear an outfit you will not sweat in. If you watch tennis on television, you will see that male players tend to wear lightweight shorts and T-shirts, while a lot of female players choose skirts and tighter workout tops. Both options provide breathing room and flexibility.

However, some women do not enjoy the exposure that tennis skirts give off, especially if the weather begins to cool off. Fortunately, Sol Sister Sport makes tennis skirts for women that include built-in leggings. This allows you to move on the court as much as you want without showing off too much. Even better, you will be able to play outside of the spring or summer months.

Water Bottle

You are going to be moving a lot, even if your game of tennis is not too intense. This will mean you need to keep rehydrating to compensate for the perspiration released from your body. Instead of carrying around a plastic bottle of water you bought from a vending machine or gas station, you should carry something bigger and well-insulated.

Look for heavy-duty water bottles that have easy open lids. This allows you to take a quick chug without needing to unscrew a cap. Metal water bottles tend to keep water cooler for longer, so you can be out for hours and still have cold refreshing water whenever you feel heated.

If you want to keep hydrated but also boost your energy, you can opt to carry an electrolyte-filled drink, as well. Also, make sure to bring protein bars and fruits like bananas that can help reduce cramping.

Sun Protectants

The sun is bound to beat down on you while you play, and it can become unbearable. Even worse, the glare from the rays can hinder your performance on the court, as you will not be able to see the ball coming your way.

For many, the first line of defense comes from wearing sunglasses. However, so they don’t break sunglasses, a lot of players opt to go with a simple cap or visor instead. Make sure you choose one that can be adjusted to lower the chance of it flying from your head mid-game. Sol Sister Sport carries caps that protect from burns while also keeping the body’s temperature regulated.

Outside of shielding your eyes, you will need to protect your skin. Before you begin playing, make sure you put on sunscreen to prevent burns or skin cancer. If getting a tan is important to you, look for a sunscreen that contains bronzing lotions.

Remember to Have Fun

Tennis might require carrying a lot of gear, but it is also part of the process if you want to play properly and safely. However, this does not mean that every match has to be serious. You are most likely using tennis as a way to stay fit- not with the hopes of becoming a professional. This exercise is all about what you make of it, and increased activity levels can help you become more confident.

This sentiment is one of the beliefs that Sol Sister Sport holds near and dear to themselves. They know a lot of women struggle with confidence and can feel insecure during their health journey. By making clothing that is stylish while also comfortable, they can help their clients feel beautiful during an intense game.

Their skirt-legging combinations are created with the idea that you can wear them outside of your workout, as well. Once you are off the court, you can head out and do your errands without feeling out of place.

Even though they mainly focus on women, Sol Sister Sport can help men feel more comfortable, too, thanks to their legging-shorts attire. All clothing made by the company is made of a polyester and spandex mix, meaning that you will stay cooled off even during the hottest days of the year. Click here to see their entire inventory and find out more about their mission.

Tennis provides a lot of benefits while also just being an exciting game to play in general If it is an activity you have thought about playing, why not take the chance and try it out? Using the guide above will ensure that you have both an advantage on and off the court.

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