May 23, 2024

Reasons Why Shoes Disintegrate and Crumble

No one wishes to disintegrate their shoes as far as footwear is concerned. If it occurs, the footwear design can get compromised and lose its effectiveness, failing to provide the care and support to your feet.

Three significant soles can start disintegrating in specific ways in Yeezy slide bone white. 

  • Polyurethane sole – Occurs as a result of hydrolysis
  • Rubber sole – The sole turns brittle and develops cracks as soon as the chemicals start drying. 
  • EVA sole – Occurs due to constant pressure while walking or running

When made up of specific materials, shoes tend to disintegrate. As a result, they become porous and soft if they remain unworn and kept in storage for a long time. The shoes eventually develop cracks holes and start crumbling.  

The shoes are made pliable due to the chemicals in the rubber. However, this occurs when you put the shoes in a closed environment for a long time. The rubber starts deteriorating when the moisture and heat start reacting with the chemical in the rubber.  

The chemical deterioration also occurs when you add an excessive amount of water to the rubber soles. This is because the plasticizers are stripped away, due to which they remain protected. The soles made up of plastic PU are more vulnerable to disintegration due to oxidation of the polymer chains. 

Here’s why PU Soles Disintegrate

Polyurethane soles are flexible, lightweight, compression-resistant, and anti-slip. Due to this reason, it is perfect for dress shoes, boots, and safety shoes. That is why shoemakers still use the PU material in the manufacturing process. 

The reason why polyurethane soles disintegrate is due to the inner portion of the material. It comprises long chains of polymer, which tend to alter when exposed to heat, moisture, and sunlight.

The process becomes more severe when the soles stayed in damp places and remain exposed to wet areas for a long time. The polymer chains get decomposed when it comes in contact with moisture; as a result, they become weak, and their material starts peeling off. 

Therefore, to avoid their disintegration, it is important to keep them in a cool and dry place with proper airflow. Good airflow can keep the moisture at bay and eventually protect the soles from getting affected. 

Here’s why EVA Soles Disintegrate

These types of soles don’t usually crumble. EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam can be compressed more and remains less resistant to abrasion than PU foam. EVA foam soles also don’t disintegrate for the same reason as PU soles. EVA is quite soft. It is not even subjected to hydrolysis as compared to PU. It also doesn’t have an internal structure that deteriorates in high humid conditions if kept inside a closet for a long time.


Even though buying footwear and Yeezy slide bone-white might be an easy process, it is not that easy to maintain its integrity for an extended period. Shoes require frequent cleaning and maintenance; only then can they provide comfort and care to one’s feet. 

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