July 18, 2024

Top-Rated High-Security Checks Available From Walmart

To protect your bank account against fraud, you should consider investing in the top-rated high-security checks available. Walmart’s Blue High-Security checks have counterfeit-evident features, making it more difficult for thieves to forge a valid check.

These checks also have a hologram foil bar and a heat-reactive ink circle. They can be ordered as 3-to-a-page manuals or computer checks and are compatible with popular accounting software.

Anti-copy technology

Walmart is best known for its supercenters and incredible in-store savings, but it also sells printed business and personal checks. These are secure and have 29 top security features that deter fraud and protect your identity. They are also resistant to chemical alterations, erasures, and photocopying.

Enhanced safety features include foil holograms, visible and invisible fluorescent fibers, and heat-sensitive ink. In addition, you can choose from an array of professional designs and a range of color schemes. You can also add EZShield fraud protection for an additional charge at checkout.

In addition to computer and manual business checks, Walmart offers accessories like desk registers, address labels, window envelopes, stamps, and checkbook covers. The service is easy to use and offers customer support via phone, email, or mail.

Hologram foil bar

The hologram foil bar on these blue high-security checks provides added peace of mind to protect your finances from fraud and identity theft. It is also an elegant design feature that adds a touch of class. The foil bar is a powerful deterrent to counterfeiting and is difficult to reproduce with conventional copy machines or photocopiers.

These top-rated high-security checks available include 25 advanced security features to help protect you from fraud and identity theft. They are available in various formats, including three-to-a-page manuals and computer business checks. They can be ordered as single or duplicate checks with or without a carbonless duplicate and in seven-ring binder format.

These checks have chemically sensitive paper, a Mircopring signature line, a padlock icon, and a checksafe backer, making them as secure as those you would get from your bank. They also offer add-on fraud protection services that can help you retrieve your funds if they fall victim to fraud.

Heat-reactive ink circle

Walmart, the retail giant known for its low prices and supercenters, also offers printed business checks with a wide range of security features. Its online check printing service offers manual and computer checks in various designs and formats.

Walmart’s high-security options use up to 29 top security measures, including foil holograms, invisible fluorescent fibers, and an anti-fraud backer. These features make it more difficult for unauthorized persons to alter or copy the information on a check. The backer is infused with fugitive ink that will fade or disappear when exposed to common chemicals and washing. It also uses different spacing of diagonal lines in the void pantograph background to deter alteration by cutting.

These blue high-security checks help bolt the door against check fraud and identity theft with counterfeit-evident security features like a foil bar and heat-reactive ink circle. These features are a good option for any business that wants to take security seriously.

Mircopring signature line

Walmart, the well-known low-cost grocery store, has branched out into printed business and personal checks. It offers both manual and computer checks in a range of professional designs. These include several security features, and they come in boxes with 150 checks per pack. This is more than the typical number of checks per pack other printers offer.

The company also provides add-on fraud protection with the Check Safe service, which includes a certified check fraud specialist who helps retrieve stolen funds and works with merchants to resolve fraudulent checks. Its high-security option incorporates 25 additional security features on top of the regular ones. These include foil holograms, invisible fluorescent fibers, and heat-sensitive ink. Its computer checks are compatible with most major accounting software suites.

Check the safe backer

Walmart, known for its low-cost grocery store items, has branched into selling printed business checks. The company offers manual business checks and software-compatible computer checks with various security features. They offer hundreds of designs, including popular animated and pop culture options. Their checks include a check-safe backer, a Mircopring signature line, and a padlock icon.

Walmart’s checks are made of high-quality materials and meet the specifications required by all financial institutions. Their standard security features protect the checks from chemical alterations and erasures, while their enhanced security features discourage fraud attempts. These features include foil holograms, invisible fluorescent fibers, and complex color patterns. In addition, they feature a tamper-evident seal and a padlock icon on the bottom of the checks.

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