May 23, 2024

What You Need to Know About Luv Sola Wood Flowers

Are Luv Sola wood flowers, despite their beautiful appearance and skilled craftsmanship, good for the environment? The shola plants, from which the flowers are derived, are responsible for both the woody appearance of the blooms as well as their color and their environmental friendliness.

If you choose to retain your flowers in their natural state, they will be biodegradable. This is because the shola plant is biodegradable, and Luv Sola does not employ any additional preservatives in our products. Having said that, your arrangements are going to hold up well throughout the course of time up to the point that you decide to part ways with them.

Environmentally Friendly Wooden Flowers

Why is it so necessary to have flowers that aren’t harmful to the environment? Because we at Luv Sola are aware that the cut flower industry often faces criticism for flower waste. We make all of our flowers from the Shola plant rather than cultivating them, cutting them, and throwing away half of them because they aren’t bought. This allows us to save money and reduce our environmental impact.

The sector that grows cut flowers for bouquets faces a significant challenge in the fact that native flowers are commonly overharvested or eradicated to create a place for the cultivation of cut flowers. Luv Sola flowers have a much longer shelf life when compared to traditional cut flower suppliers. Because of this, we are able to plan our inventory in advance and provide you with the wood flowers that you desire with very little to no waste on our end.

The flowers of shola plants, due to their resemblance to wood in appearance, produce blossoms that are more resilient than those of other plants. Which is somewhat different from the typical cut flowers, but Sola flowers still have the capacity to deteriorate over time. However, this process will be carried out significantly more slowly and consistently than it would be with typical cut flowers because we don’t use any additional preservatives.

Our Wooden Flowers are Handmade

Because of the painstaking process of handcrafting that goes into each, and every one of our Luv Sola flowers, each and every one of them is completely unique. We do not use a machine to manufacture our flowers; rather, we carefully carve each one by hand. There is no mass production of any of our floral arrangements.

You may also add a wide array of accessories to your bouquet or arrangement using these flowers, which will really help it to stand out from the other similar displays. This is going to be the case because these flowers have a wide range of applications. Handcrafted Luv Sola flowers have a tenacity, beauty, and durability that cannot be equaled by freshly cut flowers in any of these categories. Handcrafted Luv Sola flowers are unrivaled in all of these areas.

Adding Filler Flowers Gives Depth

It is common practice to consider filler flowers to be tiny versions of flower sprays. Filler flowers are flowers that florist designers use to fill in the spaces that are left between the principal flowers that make up a floral arrangement. These spaces are left between the major flowers because filler flowers are employed.

An additional layer of depth and complexity is added to a floral arrangement by the use of a variety of filler flowers, each of which has its own distinct texture. When putting together an arrangement, it is crucial to keep in mind that an excessive amount of filler flowers can make the arrangement look cheap. It’s possible that this will give the impression that there is insufficient space or that it’s disorganized.

The tiny leaves that come from filler foliages work especially well to add harmony and regularity when they are employed as accents. A bouquet or arrangement can be made to look lighter and more delicate by making use of plants like Setaria that have feathery leaves. The arrangement benefits from having contrast thanks to the rough textures of filler flowers, such as Protea Repens, which are used.

Filler flowers are fresh flowers that have been dried and preserved, and they have exceptional detail, quality, and color. Luv Sola is the place to go to purchase these filler flowers. Their contribution of height and color to your arrangements is really beneficial, and one might even argue that they are the highlight of the presentation. The use of filler flowers in your wooden flower arrangements helps bring the whole thing together and ensures that there are no gaps.

Filler flowers are available at Luv Sola in a wide range, which enables them to be adapted to a variety of different aesthetics for use in interior design. The following is a list of items to consider based on the nature of the project you are working on.

Bohemian and Rustic Options for Filler Flowers

Floral Buttons are a type of flower that take the form of round balls, are pink in color, and have a fuzzy texture. Their stems are composed of straw.

The floral buttons are remarkably comparable to the Billy Balls, with the exception that the Billy Balls have a warm golden hue.

Phalaris is quite lovely, and it possesses a color that is somewhat analogous to rust as well as a fantastic texture. Phalaris is a dried grass that maintains a significant amount of its height, making it a good choice for use in arrangements that are intended to convey a bohemian or rustic aesthetic.

Caspia that has been preserved makes for an exquisitely delicate spray. It gives your more whimsical and bohemian-inspired products a sense of height while also adding a feathery touch.

Sleek and Modern Filler Flowers

The preserved spiral eucalyptus has a very dark hue, which gives the plant a towering and gloomy appearance. This plant is an excellent choice for grounding your flower arrangements because of its dark tone. It has a delicious flavor, and the aroma and consistency are both quite appealing.

Preserved Platyspermum is a type of flower that is widely used in a variety of different arrangements as a filler flower. It is black in color and has leaves that are very long and thin.

Because of its angular and pointed characteristics, the Protea Repens is an option that separates itself from the competition in any environment it is placed in. You have the option of selecting this item in either an orange, red, or yellow color.

In addition to providing extra green filler flowers, Luv Sola gives consumers a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to filler flowers. You can be guaranteed that you will be provided with the assortment that is most appropriate for completing your purchase.

When placing an order for filler flowers, it is absolutely necessary to provide the particulars of the order with the close attention and care that they deserve. There are filler flowers that come in bundles, and there are also filler flowers that arrive on a solitary stem. Both types of filler flowers serve the same purpose. The height of the individual is another factor that needs to be taken into account.

Customization DIY Options

Ivory in hue, Raw, and Skin Luv Sola Flowers come from the same plant. If you purchase raw wooden flowers, you have the option of coloring them with paint or fabric dye after you’ve purchased them. A touch of aromatherapy can also be achieved by placing one or two drops of essential oil on the underside of each petal. You will get a few weeks of use out of the fragrance before you need to add more.


Check out our website to see whether we are able to provide the services you require. The flowers that you select, together with some of our supplementary foliage or filler goods, can be combined to form a magnificent arrangement that is exactly matched to the spirit and aesthetic that you want to achieve for your event. This arrangement can be customized to meet your specific needs. Contact us right away through our website at to find out what we can do for you and to learn more about our company.

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