May 23, 2024

Can you boost the mental health of those around you this winter?

Right around the time daylight savings time kicks in, it can feel like you’ve taken an emotional hit. The sudden time change can make you feel less energetic, while the shorter days mean you feel like going to bed at 4:00 pm!

This year, it can be even harder. We’re going into what’s now the second winter of a long pandemic that keeps wanting to throw twists and turns at us. Some people may still be working from home, some might be self-isolating and there’s often just less to do in winter in general. Working from home, in particular, might feel especially brutal to some of us. A poll with All Things Hair readers showed that 21% of people said working remotely had a negative effect on their overall wellbeing. 

Since we’re all feeling the effects of another winter in the midst of the pandemic, now more than ever might be the time to step up and help boost the mental health of the people you know. In exchange, you’ll get the pick-me-up that comes with being more socially connected and helping others. Read on for some ideas for boosting the mental health of those around you.

Have a phone call or video chat

It can be surprisingly helpful just to keep the lines of communication open. You might simply make time to call family and friends to see how they are doing. It’s a good way to keep up on and discuss news. And it can be an immediate mood booster simply to know that someone cares.

In return, it can help boost your own mood to connect with others. Even if you might not be able to see each other, it can help just to talk to someone for a while, to get out of your own head and get a new perspective.   

Create a self-care basket

If there’s anything that might take a hit with staying at home more, it’s often self-care. If you’re not seeing people every day, you might think that maybe it can’t hurt to skip that shower or leave your hair an extra day or two between washes.

The problem with that line of thinking is that it tends to feed into feeling worse about yourself and the situation. It makes you feel like you have less of a handle on life and less control over your environment. 

You can help others combat this by making self-care baskets for the people in your life. It can include pampering hair products like deep conditioners, at-home facials and manicure kits, as a few examples. You can mail them or drop them off in a socially distanced way, if people are self-isolating.   

Get creative in the kitchen

One of the worst parts of distancing during a pandemic is that, suddenly, many people are finding themselves eating alone. Eating is typically a very social activity, as many families meet up and reconnect over meals, or we might be used to meeting friends regularly for lunch. 

So, why not get creative with mealtimes and cook the same meal together while on a video call? You can enjoy the cooking experience together and eat together while still on the call.

If you take the time to connect with others, it might help the winter go by more smoothly – for them, as well as for you.

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