April 22, 2024

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation: Strip Harvest Method


The roots of latest day hair transplantation to start with evolved in Japan around 1930s. Around 1939, japan skin physician Dr Okuda described the whole process of surgical hair restoration meant for burnt victims in greater detail. Later around 1943, another Japanese skin physician typically referred to as Dr Tamura refined the job of Dr Okuda and described that every follicular unit consists several follicles of hair which ranges between 1-4 follicular units and applied the elliptical cut to extract the donor’s tissue then dissected everyone graft.


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Later, around 1952 a totally new You can skin physician named, Dr Norman Oreintreich performed the very first hair transplantation in the united states round the man struggling with thinning hair. It had been time period of re-inventing and re-defining the whole process of hair transplantation. That is now the best choice for almost any patient, who’s battling while using thinning hair together with applies within the situation of female pattern thinning hair too.

In FUT, the grafts are harvested using the strip on the skin, usually acquired within the rear and sides within the scalp referred to as ‘safe donor zone’ and found in the recipient zone to own aesthetic reason for the process.

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Hair surgery procedure finds its root in 1952 while using the revision restoration technique of Dr Norman Oreintreich that introduces the operation of punching for extraction with 4mm punches. Exactly the same later got altered into the whole process of Micrografting and minigrafting. And thenceforth, later around 1990, probably most likely probably the most compatible kinds of harvesting the grafts finds the appearance that involves the strip on the skin that contains the follicular units. Inside the kinds of FUE hair surgery, the extraction involves using punching machine which leaves to the operation of detaching the grafts, one-by-one inch the scalp then when needed accustomed to pay attention to the unsafe zone too for removing roots of hairs. Because the deviation within the punching that may occur because of the random motion within the punching which instantly place the limitation for detaching the roots inside the scalp. Since there’s a requirement for looking after your aesthetic distance to just accept grafts. The extraction of graft within the FUE hair surgery leaves somewhat open hole which heals obtaining a little white-colored-colored-colored mark.

Within the whole process of FUT, a manifestation of follicular unit transplant necessitates shifting of follicular units possess a inclination to pairs in the amount of 1-4 inside the donor portion for that recipient one using the excision within the strip on the skin. Within the whole process of FUT, a person’s scalp is numbed to excise the strip making an cut to just accept strip along with the portion is closed using the advanced Trichophytic closure to prevent the prospect of scars. If well performed, the outcome of FUT look completely natural and you will be undetectable.

This information presents review of different areas of FUT like the prerequisites to accomplish FUT hair surgery, indications, and myths & details, steps, limitations along with the budget cost outlook during FUT procedure.


Within the whole process of FUT, the strip on the skin harvested inside the donor area (back & sides within the scalp), the donor strip will probably be broken to the person follicular units using precise stereo-microscopic dissection techniques. After dissection within the follicular units, the further step is adopted by searching into making the hairline design across the scalp to put the grafts. The cut area of the scalp is closed using the advanced Trichophytic closure that avoids the prospect of scars and makes all the procedure missing of scars.

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