June 14, 2024

Different Types of Diamonds

The Types of diamond classification system divides stones according to their chemical and physical properties. Gemologists can determine the atomic composition to analyze its growth, color, and, more importantly, whether it has been treated or synthetically altered. Many think of diamonds as a whole when the word is spoken, but diamonds can be categorized very differently depending on their makeup. Below is a list of what you expect when talking about the different types.

1. Natural Diamonds

When people think of natural diamonds, they usually think of the basic clear/white type of diamond when in reality, it is a bit more complicated than that. Every natural diamond is unique; just like a snowflake, no two are alike. A diamond is a mineral created by nature composed mostly of carbon making them the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth. Natural diamonds form under rare conditions of extreme heat and pressure inside the Earth that causes the carbon atoms to crystalize.

2. Lab-Grown Diamonds

The popularity of lab-grown diamonds, also known as manufactured diamonds, has increased over the last few years. It is a technology product, just like other gadgets. A laboratory-grown diamond is a manufactured product that shares natural diamonds’ chemical and optical properties but whose origin differs greatly. These diamonds have become more affordable to produce as technology has improved. Lab-grown diamonds are produced in factories in approximately 2-3 weeks. Although lab-grown diamonds cost 30% more than regular diamonds, they are now 50%-60% less expensive, and some predict that they will be even cheaper in coming years.

3. Treated Diamonds

These diamonds were mined in the same way as regular diamonds, but their characteristics were artificially altered or manipulated to make them look better. For example, inclusion filling is a technique that “hides” or enhances color. These treatments are often done to diamonds that are not available for sale and are significantly less expensive than natural untreated diamonds.

4. Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

Last but not least are the beautiful colored diamonds. The number of colored diamonds is much lower than regular diamonds, with only about 1-10,000. However, as celebrities began to wear them, the awareness and demand for colored diamonds grew. There are many dazzling colors in diamonds. These diamonds are rare and costly and can be divided into three subsets: Natural colored diamonds (treated diamonds), Lab-grown colored diamonds (natural colored diamonds), Lab-grown colored diamonds. Black diamonds being the most well-known for color but also very rare.

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