April 22, 2024

How Frequently Must You Visit The Barbershop?

There are two categories of men in haircuts; while one follows a stringent haircut routine, the other opts for a haircut every alternate week or two. Then some men can’t decide when to pay a visit to the barbershop in Manhattan. If you fall under the third category of being unsure when to go to a barbershop, then you have come to the right place. While the time frame between getting a haircut is primarily determined by your hair type and the haircut you desire, you can still read to know when you must opt for your next haircut.

How Long Before You Schedule An Appointment With The Barbershop?

Being a man, the only thing that determines how quickly or how much you can delay going to the barbershop after the first haircut boils down to how fast or how slowly your hair grows out and the haircut you are thinking about getting. On the other hand, your hair growth is affected by your genetics, your lifestyle, and the type of hair you have. The hair grows about ½ inch every month on average. And a healthy lifestyle can result in quicker hair growth. However, slower hair growth and significant hair loss are a result of excessive stress, poor lifestyle, and not getting a proper workout.

Which Haircuts Need Frequent Barbershop Visits?

If you are opting for a crew cut or even a skin fade topped with a textured crop, then you must visit the barbershop in Manhattan frequently. However, even an inch of hair growth would need to be cut for shorter haircuts. For longer haircuts like the traditional long tapered on the sides and or the medium-length cut on top, the hair growth is hardly visible before a month.

What Is A Rule Of Thumb For Barbershop Visits?

The rule of thumb for barbershop visits is based on your budget, style, and hair length. If you have a shorter haircut, it is better to get a monthly haircut. And for men having medium-length hair, you should be able to visit the barbershop every alternate month to maintain your cut and style. You can go for haircuts every 3-6 months for long hair.

If you have a wedding reception, party, or any other such special occasion coming up, consider visiting the barbershop in Manhattan for a haircut just a few days before that to get the look of your dreams. Getting a haircut a few days before the occasion would help your hair settle.

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