May 23, 2024

How Long Does Raw Indian Hair Last?


Hair extensions are additional artificial or original human hair attached to increase the length or volume of the already existing hair. Hair extensions are sued for a variety of purposes. In the fashion and beauty field, hair extensions are used for increasing volume and length to the already existing hair to facilitate styling as desired. In ancient Egypt, hair extensions saw their first usage by Cleopatra for having a superior position in terms of fashion. In those days, sheep’s wool was used in the place of human hair. Later, actual human hair came into use for hair extensions. 

Raw Indian Hair: 

There are two types of hair extensions – Remy and non-Remy hair extensions. Remy hair extensions are hair extensions with the cuticle still intact. Remy hair is the most preferred human hair extension used for styling. Non-Remy hair is synthetic hair extensions that are made from collecting different styles of real hair and weaving them into a single hair extension. Remy hair has higher demand than non-Remy hair as it can be styled and colored. They give a natural look to the end result.

Raw Indian hair classifies as Remy hair as they are thick, lustrous, shiny, comes in various textures with the cuticle intact. India is one of the major raw hair exporters and worldwide we have a great market opportunity for Indian hair extensions. India is one of the top countries that export raw virgin hair along with Brazil and China. 

Why Indian hair is preferred:

  1. Natural Indian hair is thick, lustrous, and has a natural shine to it. 
  2. As most of the hair is virgin, it is easier for the stylists to style the hair extension with the original hair and doesn’t look odd.

Do’s and Don’ts – Indian hair extension maintenance: 

  • Wash your hair extensions regularly
  • Never sleep in with your hair extensions on. It will damage them
  • Comba and separate the bonds daily
  • Weekly maintenance of your hair is important
  • Brush your hair extension carefully.
  • Be careful while detaching the hair extension from your hair
  • Minimize the usage of what on the hair extension
  • Don’t overuse flat iron on your hair extension
  • Maintain and take care of your hair with appropriate shampoo and conditioner
  • Ensure to not over wash it as it might lose its luster and shine.
  • Invest in a good-quality hair extension.

Tips to follow for long-lasting Indian hair extensions: 

 There are few steps to maintain Indian hair extensions, unlike the other normal hair extensions. Maintenance is the key to any Indian hair extension, be it the best clip-in hair extension or keratin hair extension, they must be properly washed and stored for long-lasting usage. 

Steps to preserve your Indian Hair extensions:

  1. It is vital to brush your hair extensions before washing them.
  2. Soak the extensions in lukewarm water. The water should not be hot or cold as it might damage the virgin hair.
  3. The hair must be soaked completely to avoid any inconsistency in washing.
  4. Use appropriate shampoo and conditioner to gently rinse the hair extensions.


Tirumala Hair extensions, one of the leading Indian hair extension manufacturers source their remy hair from Tirumala. They have a variety of remy and synthetic hair extensions. From clip-ons to tape in extensions, they have an option for every hair color, texture, and requirement.

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