May 23, 2024

How to Care for your Tattoo for its Longevity

Do you recently have a tattoo you always wanted? Are you excited to show it off to your friends? You do not have to wait to brag about your much-desired tattoo. However, have patience before giving in to the temptation and pulling the bandage off your prized possession. It would be imperative for you to let your Trash Polka Tattoo heal.

How much do you have to wait?

Consider waiting for at least two hours before removing the bandage. If the tattoo artist has covered your tattoo with a clear plastic wrap, consider removing it instantly for the wound to heal quickly.

It would be worth mentioning here that your tattoo would be at the most vulnerable stage after it has been completed. Therefore, you should be prudent in keeping it safe from airborne infections. It requires the same care and protection, as you need when you get hurt and receive a flesh wound.

How to care for your tattoo

Consider keeping lukewarm water at your disposal in a clean basin. Use anti-bacterial or anti-microbial soap to clean the wound. If the tattoo artist has suggested some ointment, consider keeping it handy. Consider washing your hands thoroughly before applying the ointment to the tattoo.

Remove the bandage gently and wash the tattoo using lukewarm water. Do not scrape the wound or use any rough material, rather clean the wound gently using your hands.

Scrub the excess dried plasma and blood with your hands. Using a clean towel, dab on the wound repeatedly until it dries completely. Let the wound air dry for a few minutes. After ensuring there is no moisture, consider applying a considerably small quantity of the ointment to the wound.

Avoid your dogs or cats to lick your wound. Keep the limb elevated if your tattoo is on the lower limb. It would be vital to reduce or prevent swelling of the area. Consider keeping your tattoo clean and dry at all times. Keep your skin soft by applying lotion after the ointment to keep your skin soft.

Activities to avoid during the tattoo wound healing process

Do not soak in the bathtub or swim for at least two weeks after the healing procedure. It is imperative to keep your wound as dry as possible. It would also prevent fading of the colors of your tattoo.

Do not expose your tattoo to direct or indirect sunlight. Consider using an effective sun-block cream to protect the tattoo. However, it would be better not to take the risk. Avoid shaving over the tattoo until it has healed completely. Follow the guidelines given by your tattoo artist.


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