June 14, 2024

How To Maintain Locs Effectively

After achieving the best loc you want, the next step is to learn how to maintain your loc hairstyle in Atlanta. Taking good care of your locs and maintaining their beauty is an obligation. These simple tips can help you maintain the beauty of your locs.

Properly moisturize locs

Although loc hairstyles may not need as much moisture as loose hair, it still requires moisture on a regular basis. Dry locs are easy to break. Hydrating hair moisturizers and sealing your hair with lighter-weight oils are key to avoiding brittle locs.

Don’t apply oils or other products too often

Too much can be dangerous. Over-application of oils or other products can be harmful. It can increase accumulation speed and cause unpleasant odors. Be sure to only put what you really need.

Don’t over-wash

Locs are more susceptible to odor buildup than loose hair. However, over-washing is not the best solution. This can lead to dry scalp, itching, flaking, thinning, and even breaking of locs. Locs should be washed at least once a week. You should not wash starter locs or loc extension Atlanta before they settle.

After washing thoroughly, dry your locs.

Poor drying is one of the main causes of mildew smells in locs. It’s similar to how clothes can get stinky if they are not properly dried. It is best to dry your locs with a low heat hair dryer. Do not tie your locs when drying. Cover them with a clean towel until they dry.

Avoid twisting locs

Repetitive and unnecessary twisting can pull hair follicles and cause locs to fall off. Do not twist unless you are retwisting your locs. Give your locs plenty of time between locking and retwisting. Do not over-tighten your retwists so it would not feel painful.

Want to try other loc styles?

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