July 18, 2024

What makes Japanese Silk Kimonos a Stylish Loungewear? 

Since its founding in the fifth century, the kimono, which translates literally to “something worn,” has been regarded as the national costume of Japan. Chinese traders provided traditional dress known as Hanfu, which was later altered throughout Japan’s history to produce the modern kimono. These early kimonos were affected by the enormous cultural interactions that took place between China and Japan. 

What describes a kimono? 

The easiest way to describe a kimono is as a T-shaped, straight-lined robe with wide full sleeves that fall to the ankle and is constructed from one bolt of fabric called a tan that has regular proportions. The kimono is made up of four major strips of fabric, two panels for the sleeves, two panels for the torso, and extra smaller pieces for the collar and thin front panel. Japanese Kimono is often hand-sewn, and their fabric, composed of satin weaves, silk crepes, silk brocade, and silk kimono known as ninzu, are frequently hand-crafted and hand-decorated. The level of formality, which can range from casual to exceedingly formal, is decided by the color, fabric, and pattern in the case of ladies. 

The kimono for both men and women 

Younger women’s kimonos are more complex and have longer sleeves than those worn by older ladies, but men’s haori kimonos typically have a single basic shape having subdued color. Unmarried women have historically donned the furisode form of kimono, which has floor-length sleeves and is typically worn on special occasions. 

Women’s kimonos are frequently the same size and can be folded and tucked to fit different body types. When the arms would be dropped, a yukata kimono that stops at the wrist is thought to be the perfect fit. Wearing a kimono is a time-consuming, complicated operation that frequently necessitates an aide. An obi, a broad belt with a tie in the back, secures the kitsuke kimono, which is draped around the body precisely from left to right. 

Buying a kimono in the USA 

If you were looking forward to buying silk kimono in the USA, rest assured you should look for the Japanese Kimono store. They have a wide range of kimonos for you brought directly from Japan. They offer quality and authentic kimonos for a decent price at your doorsteps. Traditional Japanese silk kimono is available from us in an ever-evolving range of designs, materials, and sizes. The traditional Kimono shop has sold hundreds of genuine Kimonos to clients from throughout the globe, the majority of who are American citizens. 


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